Who We Are

Earth is under siege. The machines of corporations clear forests for miles and miles, meanwhile polluting the water that we drink. Contaminated skies stretch on for an almost indefinite distance, while the global climate continues to change drastically. The screams of this planet have almost been drowned out by the dissonance created by the death machines of corporations under the banner of capitalism.

Scientists in laboratories execute a multitude of heinous and disgusting crimes against nonhuman animals. Vivisection and chemical tests are complete and utter scientific fraud as well as being integral parts of a system that seeks to exploit and destroy nature in the name of profit.

Speciesism is the assigning of different values or rights to beings on the basis of their species membership, therefore making non-human animals available to consume, wear and exploit. We understand that speciesism is a form of bigotry, utilized by humans, similar to racism, or sexism.

Veganwarfare is run by a loose collective of militant antispeciesists committed to confronting abuse, suffering, and exploitation of both human and non-human animal beings through the use of direct action. Vegan Warfare was created to be an informational tool for those interested in veganism, total liberation, and the struggle against ALL oppression.

We are opposed to capitalism and the state, understanding that both entities create hierarchical relationships and power structures that perpetuate the universal enslavement, exploitation, and death of human/nonhuman animals.

We believe in the ‘No Compromise’ philosophy, veganism, and actively support the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) Animal Rights Militia (ARM) Revolutionary Cells, Animal Liberation Brigade, Earth First! and all other activists/collectives/cells for total liberation.

We have no patience for politicians and signing petitions. We have no interest in excuses for apathy, nor relying on the state to fix problems for us. We have no intentions of stopping until every being is free upon the ashes of civilization.

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