Non-Veganism: A Non-Personal Choice


Every vegan has met the person who, while shoving a steak into his or her mouth, says, “It’s my personal choice to eat what I want.” A personal choice is something like wearing a black shirt instead of a blue one. Eating animal flesh, which involves participating in massive environmental destruction, world hunger, biological warfare for beginners, and murder, is not.

Here’s why:

1. You’re ruining the planet which we all live on.

If someone was going around and poisoning the water supply in a city, that person would be a criminal. The animal agriculture industry, which exists solely because of the demand for meat for human consumption, is ruining not only the water supply, but the land and air as well. The animal agriculture industry is a serious criminal, and meat-eaters are accomplices.

A 2002 study by the Smithsonian Institute found that globally, forests are clear-cut and land leveled for grazing grounds and feed crops at a rate of 7 football fields per minute. This rate has surely increased in the past decade.

To put one pound of animal flesh in your stomach, about 5,000 gallons of water are used in the process of growing feed crops, giving the animal drinking water, and cleaning up the bloody slaughterhouse. One pound of grain requires just 25 gallons of water.

Water that isn’t used is polluted horrifically with animal waste, blood, chemicals, antibiotics, and bacteria.

You say personal choice. I say I don’t feel like having to drink bloody water because you feel like eating bloody flesh.

2. You’re creating monster diseases which anyone can catch.

In 2011, 4 out of 5 antibiotics sold in the U.S. were used in the animal agriculture industry.  Antibiotics are constantly fed to animals in factory farms to keep them from developing diseases due to the horrendously unsanitary conditions found at these places.

Photo: Farm Sanctuary – Antibiotics aren’t able to keep the animals from getting sick due to overuse. Soon, they won’t work on us either

As these antibiotics are overused, their effectiveness eventually lessens as the diseases evolve to beat the drugs. What this means is that factory farms are breeding grounds for “superbugs” that have evolved beyond treatment by current antibiotics and have already caused the evolution of super-strains of bacteria in humans such as those responsible for strep, staff, pneumonia and urinary tract infections.

You say personal choice. I say I don’t feel like catching an awful disease because your food has to be medicated.

3. You’re depriving others of real foods.

Just considering the U.S., more than 70% of all grains grown here go to feed livestock animals.  Of this 70%, it takes an average of 16 pounds of grain to produce just one pound of meat.

With a population growing at an out of control rate and worries on the horizon about being able to feed everyone with increasingly limited resources, it’s mindlessly wasteful for anyone to eat meat.

If you think eating a hunk of animal flesh while someone else is deprived of simple grains is just the way things are, I have a problem with that.

4.  You’re a murderer.

Over a 75 year period, your average meat-eater will require over 15,000 animals to be killed for consumption.

Your victims and your hired hitman.

It doesn’t make you any less of a murderer that you yourself aren’t slitting the cow’s throat for your steak. By purchasing these “products” you’re paying to have the dirty work done. If I hired someone to shoot my neighbor for me, I’d still be considered a murderer.

Globally, more than 65 billion animals are killed each year to be consumed by humans. That’s equivalent to the entire human population of the planet being killed every 6 weeks. That’s a lot of lives lost for nothing more than luxury and “but it tastes good” excuses.

Your “personal choice” leads to death for another living creature, who I’m sure has a problem with that.

If anyone has an explanation as to how consuming animal products is a personal choice, please feel free to share it here, as a good one has yet to be heard.

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