Computers and the Armchair Activist Exception


The whole world uses computers for just about everything these days. We keep personal information on them, run our business on the, we practically are connecting our minds and lives to the internet entirely.  While most people would argue that you cannot do much for the animals at home sitting in a chair, we here beg to differ a little. Sure Tumblr may not provide any sort of real support for the animals outside of posting articles that can go viral, the computer itself is a very powerful tool.  Many would believe that even moderately size companies would be difficult targets for gathering information from but we all know that Lulzsec and Anonymous constantly prove that even the giants like Sony rarely use any sort of legitimate protection.  With that being said, imagine what sort of infrastructure those who abuse animals use? There is a wealth of information sitting on the internet and on computers all over that is just waiting to be shown to the public, and having skills to obtain that information can be extremely important.

On the other side is the grim reality that as the bad guys go online, the community of those who support animals also go online as well.  This means that we are making the job of the FBI, and all other institutions which seek to dismantle us that much easier.  With websites like Facebook people are being less and less careful about what they are posting and who they are affiliating with, and while it is great that so much knowledge is being spread so rapidly we are really just setting ourselves up for one big fall.  Great alternatives like Diaspora  exist which support privacy greatly.  Over time we will post articles to help everyone learn how to remain a little more secure over the internet, and possibly teach some skills necessary on the computer for information gathering.

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